Glass Beads as Better Alternative to Natural Filter Gravel in Water Wells

Presented on Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The poor quality of natural sand and gravel as filter material in water wells lead to insufficient hydraulics, reduced life cycles, and increasing O&M costs. High quality glass beads as a substitute turned out to be a significant step ahead. Comparative laboratory tests proved advantages in physical, hydraulic, and chemical properties. Also, 40% less adsorption for iron and manganese oxides were confirmed in laboratory tests. Up to date, more than 2500 metric tons in more than 150 wells in western Europe proved the laboratory results.

Reinhard A. Klaus, Hydrogeologist
Water, Sigmund Lindner GmbH, Warmensteinach, Germany
Reinhard Anton Klaus, hydrogeologist, MBA, is the founder, owner, and CEO of RKP Consulting. He conducts management consulting for business development, marketing management, product management, R&D, and project management. Klaus has more than a 20-year record as a geological consultant with his own company, including four years as managing director for CDM Germany. His fields of activity included expertise and technical design in water, environment, and geotechnics.

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