Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Wells

Presented on Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In the drive to increase domestic energy development, hydraulic fracturing operations are being used more often to improve yields of natural gas, oil shale, and oil wells. Governmental agencies at both state and local levels, as well as conservation groups, are becoming increasingly concerned about the potential impact the fluids and mechanical efforts are having on potable water sources. We as groundwater professionals are being called upon by both sides and a concerned public to answer questions about possible contamination. The session will look at concerns raised and walk through the investigation of a case of potential impact on a domestic well.

Michael Schnieders, PG, PH-GW
Water Systems Engineering Inc., Ottawa, KS
Michael “Mike” Schnieders is a professional geologist and hydrologist (groundwater) and senior consultant for Water Systems Engineering in Ottawa, Kansas. His work involves water resource characterization and consulting on well rehabilitation projects. Schnieders and WSE’s work crosses numerous disciplines and fields involving geology, chemistry, microbiology, water resource and watershed management, corrosion control, and water system management. He has served on numerous state and national training programs focusing on rehabilitation and maintenance of water wells and groundwater systems.
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