Aquifer Characterization Tests and Transducer Data Collection

Presented on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This workshop will cover fundamentals of groundwater hydrology and is designed for groundwater specialists, environmental professionals, and drill operators. Learn how to streamline aquifer tests, reduce field time, and deliver high-quality data. Due to technological advances, aquifer tests can be conducted with greater speed and accuracy, all at a lower cost. The workshop will cover slug tests, step-drawdown tests, and constant-rate pump tests. Learn definitions and goals of aquifer tests, equipment needs, design and operation of testing procedures, test duration, use of data for calculating hydrologic parameters, and techniques to improve efficiency in the field.

Jim Broderick
In-Situ Inc., Fort Collins, CO
Jim Broderick is the Central Region Sales Manager for In-Situ Inc. A native of South Dakota, he graduated from the University of South Dakota. During his 20 years with In-Situ Inc., he has taught level instrumentation applications at numerous universities and state and federal agencies including Ohio University, the University of Washington, Western Michigan, and Colorado State University. Mr. Broderick is well versed in water level and water quality instrumentation and applications. He has represented In-Situ through the United States, Europe, Africa, India, and the Pac Rim, giving him a unique perspective on the water industry and its needs.
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