Sampling Techniques for Water Supply Wells (Testing)

Presented on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This workshop provides an introduction to standard water sampling techniques associated with private supply wells. You will learn quality control, protocols, and assurance procedures. Information on groundwater sampling equipment, and field-based analysis will also be presented. Those who wish to earn a certificate in properly drawing a bacteriological sample may do so by participating in a performance-based test at the conclusion of the workshop.

Stuart Smith, CGWP, RG
Smith-Comeskey Ground Water Science LLC, Poland, OH
Stuart A. Smith, CGWP, RG, hydrogeologist and microbiologist, is a partner in Smith-Comeskey Ground Water Science LLC and Ground+Water Tanzania Ltd. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the application of research, analysis, training, and consulting related to groundwater and wells, with a focus on efficient and cost-effective analysis and rehabilitation of well problems, and well and wellfield asset management, and is a pioneer in applying biofouling analytical methods in groundwater system analysis, rehabilitation, and asset management.

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