How Groundwater Professionals Avoid Potential Pitfalls on Geothermal Projects

Presented on Friday, December 2, 2011

Geothermal projects require the same careful research, planning, and execution as any other business endeavor. Whether you are an old pro or working to establish your firm’s capabilities in the geothermal arena, you will heighten your awareness of what you should know, how you should plan, and the available resources to assist you in your decisions before you ever step foot on the job site. In this workshop, you will learn what questions you should ask during the bidding process; why you should check the geology at the site; how you can improve your resource planning and profit margins by using the NGWA Geothermal Cost Calculator; why partnerships and resources are so important; and when to walk away.

W. Richard Laton, Ph.D., PG
California State University-Fullerton, Santa Ana, CA
W. Richard Laton, an NGWA Scientists and Engineers Division member and active NGWA volunteer, is currently an associate professor of hydrogeology in the Department of Geological Sciences at California State University, Fullerton. Passionate about teaching students practical knowledge they can apply to real-world circumstances, he teaches classes ranging from hydrogeology, environmental sampling, and groundwater modeling to oceanography and geology. Laton has also taught at the Western Michigan University Field Camp for the past 15 years. Topics covered during these 50-hour, weeklong intensive courses include drilling techniques and sampling, aquifer testing, and remediation technologies.

Jack W. Henrich, MGWC
Bergerson-Caswell Inc., Maple Plain, MN
Jack has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has been with Bergerson-Caswell, Inc. since 1968 and is currently its President. His certifications include: NGWA – Master Ground Water Contractor, IGSHPA – Accredited Installer, and IGSHPA/GHPC/AEE – Certified GeoExchange Designer. Mr. Henrich is a member of the Interational Ground Source Heat Pump Association Advisory Council, Secretary of the National Ground Water Association, and Past President of the Minnesota Water Well Association.
Alan Eades, CWD/PI
Eades Drilling and Pump Service, Hobbs, NM, United States

Jeffrey Williams, MGWC, CVCLD
National Ground Water Association
Jeffrey W. Williams, MGWC, CVCLD, vice president of Spafford and Sons Water Wells, has been employed in the groundwater industry for over 32 years. He has been an officer of the Vermont Ground Water Association for 27 years, serving in all capacities; he is currently serving as treasurer and educational director. Williams has served on the NGWA Safety, Affiliate States, and Rural Water subcommittees. He is currently serving as chairperson for the Government Affairs Committee, a member of the Geothermal Subcommittee, and completing his first three-year term as a Contractor Division and NGWA Board Director.

Lisa Meline
Meline Engineering, Sacramento, CA
Lisa Meline is a principal at Meline Engineering.

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