Monitoring and Characterization of Complex Hydrogeologic Regimes Associated with Mineral Resources

Presented on Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mineral deposits often have unique hydrogeologic presentations due to complex geologic structure and rock alteration. A mineral development project often requires detailed hydrogeologic characterization and monitoring to reduce both operational risks and long term environmental liabilities. You will learn about: (1) the development of conceptual groundwater models for mine development; (2) specific drilling, instrumentation, well design, and testing methodologies commonly utilized for mine site hydrogeologic characterization, and (3) design aspects of long term groundwater monitoring systems, The presenter will use real world examples from mine sites around the world, and provide a framework for better understanding of the links between exploration geology and hydrogeology, and its critical importance in the early stages of mineral project development.

Matt Hartmann, PG
SRK Consulting (U.S.) Inc., Lakewood, CO
Matt Hartmann, P.G. is a Senior Hydrogeologist with SRK Consulting(U.S.) Inc. in Denver, Colorado with over 9 years experience in applied hydrogeology and subsurface characterization at mine sites across North America. His expertise includes well design, drilling operations, and well construction for characterization, production, mining, monitoring purposes. Mr. Hartmann is a graduate fo The Ohio State University, and is a licensed Professional Geologist in the State of Wyoming.

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