Getting Past the "Feel-Good" Part of a Groundwater Project in Third World Country

Tuesday, December 4, 2018: 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.
N209-212 (Las Vegas Convention Center)
When any of us step out to work in a Third World country on any Groundwater project we need to take a closer examination of our intentions, motivations and justifications all with a long game perspective of the project.

Flying-in with the intentions of completing a game changing groundwater project for a village or community and then flying back out is no longer a really” responsible” or long term workable scenario.

Short term as well as long term objectives need to fit in with a clearly defined end game. Any project being contemplated has to have local support and buy-in as well as realistic benefits before we ever hope to succeed in assisting others. A better approach is a partnership where long term and sustainable goals are agreed upon up-front before any promises or shovels are put into motion.

Communication, coordinating, organizing and training all need an eye on the "Long term” strategic view of such a project. The work needs to clearly defined and viable if we are truly hoping to assist others.

Short term as well as long term project success are achievable when you partner with organization and local groups. No work should proceed before the exchanging of ideas as well as needs, for substantiating long-term viability and greater community good.

Aside from swooping down and attempting to restore or complete a water well project we need to look at what the culmination is for promoting as well as providing a realistic as well as sustainable resource for any group.

Edd Schofield
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