AC/Solar Power Blending – Maximize Free Solar Power Without Compromising Performance

Tuesday, December 4, 2018: 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
N219-222 (Las Vegas Convention Center)
Blending AC power with Solar PV power allows for peak pump performance while maximizing free solar power. Power Blending is useful in areas with high electricity prices, or where intermittent grid power can benefit from supplemental solar power. Typical applications include constant pressure pumps, booster pumps, swimming pool pumps, solar decorative fountains, aerators and waste water treatment systems.

Seamlessly blending energy between a solar array and the power grid is ideally suited for applications that require 24/7 or some night time operation. In addition, power blending is a cost effective way to intelligently supplement solar power with controllable night time operation without the expense of adding batteries. In high energy cost areas this allows for both power firming during the day and full nighttime operation while consuming as little power from the grid as possible.

Blending also can introduce the opportunity for Power Factor Correction. In addition to correcting for “dirty power” power factor correction prevents a system from presenting reactive power to the grid. For installations with several inductive motors, eliminating reactive power can significantly reduce electricity charges from your local utility.

Jeff Lints
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